Portable chargers for mobile phones


In our age of modern technologies, various gadgets have become familiar and convenient objects, they are used by people of different professions and age categories. It often happens that the charging of the smartphone is not enough for the whole day for various reasons. Outside the home, for example, on a train or on a picnic, it becomes problematic to charge equipment.

Mobile phones are most commonly used and sometimes they end up charging at the most inopportune moment. How to find a way out of this situation, which portable device to buy so that it works reliably and without fail?

Portable phone chargers

The portable battery is a good alternative to conventional chargers that operate only from the mains. The portable device does not need an electrical outlet when in contact with a mobile phone. It only needs to be connected to the phone and it will immediately start the charging process.

Such devices are often called external batteries, for many they have already become indispensable helpers. The popularity of this portable item can be explained quite simply – it is very convenient. There are several types of pocket chargers that are designed not only for smartphones, but also for laptops. Many of the readers will be interested to know about the types of chargers that can be used for mobile phones, as a rule, these are low-power chargers.

The solar charger is the latest technology of our time, using a solar battery. It is enough to hold it in the sun or in the light during the daytime, and it picks up charge, very convenient when traveling to hot countries.

Devices that can be charged from a cigarette lighter in a car or from a USB port.

There are portable chargers that run on conventional replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

Contactless is a new revolutionary direction that is on the way of development. Induction is used for charging, which is why the technique is called inductive.

Modern wireless chargers include the USB Power Bank. It is designed to prolong the operation of a mobile phone in conditions where it is not possible to use a conventional charger from the mains. We will take a closer look at this portable battery and find out how it works and what its advantages are.

Its appearance is stylish and its compact size allows it to fit even in a jacket pocket or small handbag. The portable charger looks very simple and stylish with no frills – a case with two connectors.

Principle of operation

The small portable Power Bank battery, in addition to its stylish appearance, has a simple device. In order for it to be able to charge the phone, it must be connected to any power source for charging. This can be done using a USB cable that connects to a computer or an outlet if using a 220V adapter.

The charger has 2 interfaces, one of them Micro USB, for supplying power to a portable device, as well as a USB output for charging gadgets. It is best to leave the portable battery on the network overnight, and it will receive the necessary power to charge the mobile phone at any time when it sits down. You can also connect other devices to it for charging, and an unlimited number of times, until the pocket charger is completely discharged.

Main advantages of Power Bank

Many of us have tried other portable chargers that did not perform well. Unlike many other wireless devices, Power Bank can be guaranteed to charge at least one of the most modern phones per day. If you take a solar-powered device, it is much more expensive and less efficient. It is best to buy a Power Bank, it will work more reliably, since it has already been tested by many consumers who were able to evaluate it and leave their positive reviews.

In 2014, a study was conducted among wireless chargers and they showed that the Power Bank is the most efficient in terms of certain indicators.

  • Stable operation and charging of the device
  • Low percentage of energy loss
  • Optimal battery capacity
  • Charger price.

Those who have already purchased and use this charger, according to statistics, are the least likely to return this device. The case of compact size with a capacity of 2600 mah perfectly combines practicality and durability of use with a low price of the device. After purchasing such a battery, you can forget about the problem of charging forever if you have it at hand outside the home.

Having such a device, you can charge your tablet or smartphone just on the street or in the subway, in public transport. It is ideal for active people who have to communicate a lot on the phone, as it will always come to the rescue in the event of a phone discharge. It can charge phones of any model, including iPhones. tablets and navigators, cameras and cameras, many other types of digital technology.

  • Power Bank characteristics
  • Portable phone chargers
  • Output and input power – 5V
  • Body color – black
  • Cable color – white, its length – 30 cm
  • Equipped with a protective removable casing
  • Material – plastic
  • Case dimensions – 92x23x23 mm
  • Input connector – Micro USB, output – USB
  • Has a charging indicator.

Where to buy such a portable device?

Most often, a pocket battery can be purchased in online stores, where a high-quality and reliable portable Power Bank device is always available. On the websites of stores, there are often interesting promotions and offers, the color and design of the products may differ from those shown in the photo. This mobile charger will become an indispensable item for many people who make the most of their smartphones.