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Everyone calls this item differently, but they miss it equally when the battery is low and there is no outlet nearby. The arsenal of gadgets is now not limited to a smartphone; wireless headphones, smart watches, fitness bracelets, Bluetooth speakers are often attached to it … Their owners have a particularly acute question of how […]
An external battery is an indispensable device when traveling, as well as going to school or work. It can be useful not only for teenagers, but also for their parents. We will tell you about what Power Bank is. Consider why you need it. And how to choose a device. Why is Power Bank needed? […]
Almost every one of us has at least once found ourselves in a desperate situation when it was urgently required to call, and the cell phone battery turned out to be discharged. Unfortunately, this is a flaw in almost all modern smartphones. Due to the heavy load, frequent use, enabled geolocation and Wi-Fi function, their […]
In our age of modern technologies, various gadgets have become familiar and convenient objects, they are used by people of different professions and age categories. It often happens that the charging of the smartphone is not enough for the whole day for various reasons. Outside the home, for example, on a train or on a […]
Power Bank – from the English. “Power bank, energy bank” – external portable battery, also called. Power Bank is also called ROM – Portable Charger or simply “external charger”. Having received a predetermined amount of electric charge from the network, the Power Bank is able to charge any compatible equipment independently and autonomously via a […]
The main problem with modern phones and tablets is low battery capacity. Most smartphones have a hard time making it through the evening or sit down at the most inopportune moment. Big screens, powerful 4G and 5G apps all drain your battery and drain your phone at the most inopportune moment. Is there a real […]
Often, portable chargers are equipped with not one, but two USB outputs. Why is this needed? Firstly, two mobile devices can be connected to such an external battery at once. A smartphone and a tablet, two smartphones, a smartphone and an e-book, and so on. This is especially convenient for those who use a wide […]