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Best apple watch portable charger 2022

A portable charger is a very useful thing that every modern smartphone owner will need. In particular, PowerBank (poverbank) will become an indispensable device for those who like hiking and long journeys. The choice of models is simply huge, so finding an option that would completely suit you in terms of basic parameters and cost is not difficult. Below we will talk about what you need to consider when buying an external battery, and which of its characteristics are most important.


Charger capacity indicator

How functional the power bank will be depends on this parameter. It also has a significant impact on its weight and price. Capacitance units are ampere-hours.

How do you know which PowerBank capacity is best for you? In this case, an important role is played by which gadget will be charged most often. If it is a smartphone, then the indicator of the capacity of the external battery should be at least 1.5 times higher than that of the battery. It is desirable that this parameter be higher and allow at least 3 times to charge a completely dead phone. The efficiency of any portable charger is less than 100%. This indicates that energy losses cannot be avoided during the charging process. It is difficult to name their exact volume. It all depends on the quality level of the installed battery. In other words, having a PowerBank with a capacity of 5 thousand mAh, you cannot use it to fully charge a 2.5 thousand mAh battery twice.

If the portable charger is very bulky, it will noticeably increase its weight, which will reduce mobility. In this regard, when choosing this accessory, one should be guided by the fact that its capacity is 5-10 thousand mAh. You can use it to recharge your smartphone, camera, wireless headphones, and more.

In a situation where PowerBank is purchased as an additional source of energy for a laptop, the capacity indicator should exceed 12 thousand mAh. As a rule, the range of such models is small. In this regard, the packaging of those that are compatible with laptop computers contains relevant information.

Apple portable charger

Here, again, you need to take into account what kind of device the power bank is purchased for. If this is an old phone with a touch screen, then a current of 0.5 A is enough for you, and if it is a tablet, then this figure should already be 1 A. There are smartphones with a fast charging function. Do you have one of them? Then you will have to buy an external battery with a current of 1-2 A. You can find out the exact information in the instructions.

Usually, manufacturers write right on the packaging of a portable charger that it is suitable for Quick Charge. If you purchased just such a model, but then found that the charging process is very slow, then the problem is most likely in your smartphone, which may be outdated.

USB connectors

As for the number of USB ports, it is desirable that their minimum number is equal to two. So you will be able to simultaneously charge 2 gadgets. This is convenient in cases where the battery runs out not only on the smartphone, but also, for example, on wireless headphones. You will simply save your own time.

Apple portable phone charger

Sometimes the connectors are poorly made. In particular, this applies to power banks that are produced by little-known firms. Reliable manufacturers do not see the point in saving on cheap parts, but small ones do not even shrink from this. Take a close look at your portable charger before purchasing to avoid getting yourself into trouble. If the connectors seem flimsy to you, then it is better to refuse such a purchase, because in the future you will experience significant inconvenience when connecting a smartphone or other gadgets.

Apple portable wireless charger

Very often the package includes several adapters in addition to the external battery itself. Among them it is necessary to highlight:

  • Micro USB designed to connect modern tablets and smartphones.
  • Lightning compatible with Apple appliances.
  • Mini USB, thanks to which you can charge your old phone, player, camera, etc.
  • Outdated adapter for gadgets from Apple.

As you can see, the list is not so bad, because there will definitely be a cable in it that will fit the device you have, but it is better to refuse to use it. The fact is that the quality level of any of the adapters listed above usually leaves much to be desired. It will quickly break down, and can also adversely affect the condition of the gadget. Thus, if you purchased a power bank from a little-known manufacturer, then be on the lookout and do not rush to connect cables that can only harm.

An AC adapter is supplied with the new charger. It will definitely come in handy when you need to connect both a smartphone and PowerBank to an outlet. In this regard, it is better to have two adapters with you.

Availability of indicators

Some portable battery models have built-in indicators. Using them, you can find out information about the remainder of the stored energy, or the time that remains until a full charge.

An excellent choice would be a model equipped with a small display on which data on the state of the power bank will be displayed. Despite this, it is not worth making the presence of indicators one of the mandatory requirements for a portable charger. If you find a portable battery that suits you completely and is equipped with flashing lights, then feel free to buy it, and do not look for a device with a screen similar in parameters.

Best apple portable charger

The material from which the PowerBank case is made does not play any significant role. It serves an exclusively aesthetic function, so choose what you like. There is an opinion that a metal case will always be better than a plastic one. It is easy to disagree with this, because the most important thing is the “filling” and reliability of the portable battery, and not its appearance. Meanwhile, we can recommend a best power bank for iphone in the case, which is coated with “SoftTouch”. It is pleasant to the touch and slightly rough. The main advantage is that the Softtouch layer provides a secure grip and reduces the likelihood of the battery accidentally falling out of the hands. If we talk about the strength of the case, then it should be high, but the presence of a shockproof coating is not necessary.

Simple and at the same time stylish design of the 10 thousand mAh power bank from Xiaomi: a corporate logo flaunts on the metal case. It looks very attractive. There are also models with unusual design. For example, one of them is PowerBank Emie Devil Doodle. This device costs about $ 50, but it works stably and looks beautiful. The only drawback is that it can only be purchased via the Internet by ordering on one of the Chinese sites.

PowerBank Manufacturer’s Choice

This is a very important criterion that must be taken into account when buying an external battery. Meanwhile, this does not mean at all that you need to purchase an expensive model produced by a well-known company. Currently, Chinese powerbanks produced under well-known brands are in high demand: TP-LINK, Meizu, Drobak, Xiaomi, Sony, etc. In terms of sales, products from Xiaomi are in the lead. This company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of not only portable chargers, but other “smart” equipment, such as pedometer bracelets.

It is not worth buying PowerBank of dubious production because:

  • The difference between the capacity declared in the documentation and the actual one will be solid;
  • The quality of adapters and connectors will leave much to be desired, which will cause significant inconvenience at the time of using the device;
  • The likelihood of a quick breakdown will be noticeably increased;
  • Problems with warranty repair are possible.

Are you looking for additional features?

The range of portable batteries is wide enough. In this regard, it will not be difficult to purchase a device that will have additional functions. Some power banks are equipped with card readers, Wi-Fi modules, memory cards, etc. Whether they are useful or not, everyone decides for himself. Most importantly, do not buy a battery that is too cheap or made by a little-known company, because such an acquisition will most likely only bring a loss.

As for successful examples, Kingston Mobilelite G2 has a wide functionality. The cost of this device is about $ 50, but it’s really worth it. This charger will definitely appeal to owners of iPhones and other smartphones that do not support memory cards, which leads to problems with autonomy.

If you are looking to buy something special, then look out for power banks that charge from direct sunlight. This option is likely to appeal to fans of summer hikes. Despite this, one should not forget that the weather can be cloudy, it takes more time to charge, and the weight of such a device is quite large.