Our efforts to uncover some of ARC's history are still pending; however, thanks to Mike Watson, we finally have some very special images to add to this page.  Please see the images and Mike's message  below.  Thanks, Mike! We appreciate your thoughfulness!

March 10, 2006


While visiting my friend, Steve Basht (a former ARC member), in Maryland this past fall, I was looking through one of his many rare books on Labrador Retrievers and field trials. These two pages were immediately of interest to me. Once I saw your new layout of the ARC website, I knew that these would possibly spark some interest from other members in gathering more historical data on the ARC. I requested that Steve digitize these pages so that I could present them to ARC on his behalf.

Please display these files on the ARC Historical webpage for posterity purposes.

Here is the data on the book that these were obtained from so that proper identification of the source can be credited.

“Retriever Theory” written by Chalmers Alexander McMahan or C.A. McMahan, Copyright 1970

Publisher: Ann Arbor, MI

Distributed by: Edwards Brothers, Inc.

Michael Watson

Ceaux - Ceaux Labs

Chocolate Labrador Retrievers




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